Our Team

Fifth Avenue Manufacturers is a small family owned business that takes original art and puts it on keepsake gifts to remind you of your favorite city. Our mission is to create objects that bring joy and remind you of your happy memories. 
Our company consists of the husband and wife team of Mary and Kenny, son Noah, and our new member Deepti. 


  Mary Ellis - Creative Visionary

Mary has been creating art all her life.  She discovered early on that she had a unique skill to capture the energy and gesture of an object in just a few lines, combined with an instinct for color and design.  Mary has been in the gift industry for years. She has run a successful activewear company, owned a retail shop in New York's famed Greenwich Village, and has licensed her artwork.  In 1994 Mary joined Kenny Bookbinder to establish Fifth Avenue Manufacturers, to put her fresh and original art on regionally specific gift products. See her paintings here.


  Kenny Bookbinder - Director of Sales

Kenny has been in the gift repping business since 1973.  He established Big Apple Enterprises, a successful New York City based sales agency with a footprint in the Tri State area as well as Philadelphia. Big Apple Enterprises dominated the first isle of the NY Gift Show for many years and has been a formidable presence in the gift industry.  


Noah Baumwoll - Director of Marketing and Design

Noah's art and creative inspiration owes much to the influence of his childhood and current life in New York City. He holds a BFA in Sculpture from The University of Wisconsin and has maintained a fine art studio creating sculptures in a range of materials from steel to paper mache. Noah brings his visual art skills, production sense, and visionary perspective to the family team. See Noah's sculptures here.